What is phishing?

Phishing is a method fraudsters will use in an attempt to obtain sensitive customer information.Typically, you will receive an email that appears to be from a reputable organisation, such as your bank, with the aim of tricking you into providing personal or security related information.

The email will include a link to what appears to be the organisations website or a document. You will then be asked to provide all of your security information. If you enter your details it will be captured and sent directly to the fraudster.

The Co-operative Bank will never...

  • Send you an email or text message containing a link to a log in page.
  • Send urgent or time-sensitive emails, text messages or correspondence, or make telephone calls that ask you to provide updates or confirm sensitive data like your account number, PIN, and security details.

Find out more about Phishing.

To provide an additional layer of protection when banking online we strongly recommend that you download Trusteer Rapport security software. This essential tool is free to download from our website. 

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Was this answer helpful?